22 Jan 2013

Chop due - September 2013.

My last relaxer was in the beginning of November, 12th November 2012. My big chop is due in September 2013. I want to transition for 11 months (almost 1 year) and then chop off my relaxed ends. I shall be trimming them as the months pass by though.

Some hair info!

15 Jan 2013

She looks absolutely stunning! Oh, the hair.

Baby's hair! New tumblr hair blog!

I love pictures of children's hair, especially seeing they have longer hair than me! I am busy creating my own tumblr hair gallery blog to garner inspiration! I shall post it up soon.

Natural styles

This hair colour!

The best places to get natural hair inspiration from?


http://thenaturalchica.tumblr.com/ - < this woman wow!

If I want to be motivated to do something, I want to be inspired. I want to see how, and that others have done it, and so can I. :D Pictures!! 

I can't wait to add some colours to my curls.

The day I decided to transition: today 15/01/13

I am happy I made this decision at the start of this year. This year is my year of self-discovery, building and improving myself and my relationship with God. It will be an awesome year, and starting this natural hair journey is exciting because I want to see what it holds for me. Many naturalistas have spoken about learning so much about themselves, their hair, their beauty and the way in which their journey had changed and inspired them. It becomes more than just a hair journey and I can not wait to testify of that.

I do not have enough space or time to elaborate why I am going natural but I shall be succinct because the reasons are a couple of things, which I have been significantly affected by in the last couple of days. I have been thinking about this whole relaxer journey that I started in 2012 august, and whether it was a journey of true self-discovery. I am glad, though, that I went through starting this stage first, because it was a healthy hair journey as well, and it helped me to know more about my hair, giving me a stable foundation. There are so many transitioning girls out there, because when you decide to ditch the weave, part of you is still used to the relaxing routine and it may be difficult to get out of. This is why I will not big chop immediately, I will let my natural hair growth out over time and allow my self to slowly become used to it rather than an immediate chop. I have been relaxed since I was little. And no slander to girls who choose to relax, it is your own hair on your hair, and you are not using another person's hair or whatever. Whichever hair choice you take, natural, texlaxed or relaxed - you are beautiful.

Over the past weeks I have been thinking. First, it was me analysing my very thick new growth. (Btw, I updated my hair duties track list) and starting to truly appreciate the natural curls that I am blessed with. I would then think about the upcoming relaxer day and how these beautiful curls would vanish. I let go of the thought. Later I was on twitter and had this little debate with my natural friend who reiterated to me regarding the historical context of relaxers and so forth, I'm sure you know. I knew about the historical context of it but it never struck me. I ended with, it shouldn't be a war. Every girl is beautiful, whichever way she chooses. Well, after a few days, I was thinking back to the debate and although I still agreed with myself, it changed my mindset a bit. I thought about the historical context much more and the reasons why we choose to relax. So what if our texture is different? Deal with it, appreciate it, love it, learn it, and most of all, accept it. You have not even began to know your own hair, yet you are sticking with what your mothers or friends have rung into you about relaxing it and putting on weaves. Black hair is so beautiful, I have come to realise. ''My hair grows upwards towards the sun'', is a line in a poem, and many other natural hair poems which I should read more of. Black hair grows upwards before it comes down, whilst other hair types grow straight down wards. Your hair is the oldest hair on the planet, you are part of the oldest race on the planet, the texture, curls and different requirements and needs should be acknowledged and learned. Do not give up on it and decide to neglect its beauty. But I know there is hope, the relaxer and weave industry will decline and more and more women are coming to their (ought to be) natural side.

In addition, my ends are very thin (due to relaxers) and I ought to have even cut them off before starting the relaxed hair journey. I know it will feel good not to think about relaxer days anymore, and to not look at new growth as a bug. For how long will you continue to process your hair every three months? To rid it of its beautiful pattern. For the past days, I have been highly obsessed with feeling up my new growth. Right now as I type, I am feeling the texture, embracing it, loving it. I even feel like the word 'under'-growth is degrading. It is GROWTH. New growth. Beautiful, amazing curly growth! For once, I can relax without worrying about 'undergrowth' and relaxer days, battling two very different textures. I have finally come to appreciate my natural texture - I think I have two different textures (you've seen the pictures I posted in the previous posts). Spiral curls are quite here and there! My natural friend Lisa was happy and overwhelmed! :D She is the person that had helped me with my journey. Also, I have a few transitioning friends that will be there to support and advice. I used to feel so much awe for relaxed long haired women I see in public but lately I have been complimenting women that have their natural hair thing going on. I envy them. I compliment. It's beautiful. Your hair is just another form of expression. Natural hair can allow for so much flexibility - different styles - twists out, braid out, bantu knot, curls, straightening, dyeing, up-dos, messy bun etc.

One thing I love about the natural hair movement is because it becomes much more than just hair. I personally will not use wigs as protective styling, I want to learn my hair during the harshest of weathers such as winter. I want it to go with me wherever I go, to be a full part of me, to show off its extents and abilities. It is a mental journey too and I shall be bringing others along. Natural is the way, your birthright. Some of my youtube inspirations e.g. Naptural85 and many others have displayed their journey by their use of simple and natural products. This movement supports organic products. Naptural85 uses only water and shea butter to moisturise and clay to clean her scalp. No chemicals. No sulphates. No silicones or parabens. This movement is an organic and clean one! No more disastrous elements in our hair. Healthy, and healthy only.

Changes to my blog?
Ah, yes! Almost forgot about that. Well, I shall keep all of the past posts so that when I achieve amazing growth I can look back and be like.. really? This is what I wanted?? I joke. I have posted awesome regimen, natural shea butter whips, tips, videos, products that also count for natural hair aswell, so I really should keep them. I have deleted any relaxer-related posts. The about page shall be revamped. I shall start the progress pictures tab when I chop off my relax ends. Stay tuned!

What's next?
I created a new youtube channel (account) to subscribe to naturalistas rather than relaxed girls so that I can gain more inspiration and motivation. My regimen will remain the same (the products, routines) because it is still my hair and I am carrying out a healthy hair journey. The only difference is that NO MORE RELAXERS. I am almost 3 months post relaxer, I shall wait till 11  months before I do a big chop! Within that period I will be learning about transitioning styles and methods to be able to manage 2 different textures. I will be subscribing to naturalistas and watching their awesome videos! I will look for a new main inspiration, a woman with long, thick and thick hair, who has been their and done it all. Naptural85 is my current one.

Anyway, I shall keep this blog posted! :D I am very excited and I can't wait to start this new journey of self discovery and appreciation. I believe 'going natural' is not just a physical thing, it is a mental thing too. It is about ethics, your self belief and confidence, by acknowledging your natural beauty. It is about realising you can grow your hair without using weaves as protective styling. That is half hearted. I still recommend braids because at least you can still see your scalp - allowing you to wash and moisturise. You can even moisturise your hair through the braids. It's a huge step in my life. I don't think I realise it just yet, but I will see how it goes! :)

Last and final relaxer: November 12th, 2012

14 Jan 2013

Imagine, this could be me in 5 years!


Okay, I am too excited so I won't even write anything in this post. Just know that I am creating a youtube channel (not recording any videos... yet, just follow transitioning girls and naturalistas) and overhauling my blog, first by changing the domain. aaaahhh :D

11 Jan 2013

Hot Oil Treatment day!

Finally did an hot oil treatment today, after like a month. I tried the target of less than 15 minutes application and it worked. I did it using my applicator bottle. 3/4 of which was made up of castor oil, the rest of jojoba oil and peppermint oil. I shall make a post later about the oils I use in my regimen! I love the tingling feeling of peppermint oil, like the bloodflow is actually active! As I applied the oil to my scalp, I gave myself a scalp massage which I shall be doing every time I do my HOT. I heard it's highly beneficial, especially on my edges.

8 Jan 2013

My natural hair texture!

Parts of my hair are spirally curly, thick strands. I tried to capture it as visible as possible. I am 9 weeks post relaxer. My hair has gained so much thickness! :D

6 Jan 2013

How to: Garlic and Onion treatment

''Garlic is not just good for our body, but also for our hair. Garlic extract can get rid of and destroy dangerous toxins and stimulate blood circulation, essential in the scalp for proper hair care and growth and avoid hair loss.

Onion (Allium cepa) recognised with healing qualities incorporate their antibacterial, cleansing, stimulating, and nourishing powers. Onions contain a number of important minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins C and B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and germanium. Onion also has a high sulfur content. Sulphur is a mineral present in every cell in our body, with its greatest concentration in hair, skin and nails. It has typically been referred to as the “beauty mineral” and the “healing mineral” simply because of its ability to promote circulation and reduce inflammation. These qualities also lend to the theory that adequate amounts of sulphur can jump-begin hair growth in individuals with deficiencies. High amounts of sulphur in onions make them particularly powerful in regenerating hair follicles and stimulating hair regrowth. In addition, naturally-concentrated sulphur compounds have been confirmed to show additional hair-restoring.

One of my main hair goals included growth of my edges, my temple and nape. I researched on methods to tackle hair loss and I stumbled upon these natural treatments - onion and garlic. I tried something. For just 3 days I rubbed on a mixture of grated onions and garlic with olive oil and I had began to notice growth! I stayed away from castor oil because I wanted to see how much it would grow without the great castor oil. Well, the result was amazing! Garlic and onion treatments are not common, having searched through youtube hair tutorials however I found some videos and the girls all said they experienced hair thickness! Now, my main goal for this hair is to achieve thickness so I had found a way to incorporate this treatment into my regimen. Who knew onions and garlic could be so beneficial to hair! So, I tried out what this girl did (today, and I shall let you know how it goes throughout the year):

[Someone asked on the comments of this video if it truly worked and she replied that she had to stop one time because her hair began to get too thick (as if that's a problem!).. I think I went mad for a bit! I HAD to try this and I shall continue to.]

I shall be doing this treatment every two weeks (added to my hair track duties list). Exactly what she did. So thanks to her! 
How you do it: just slice up half an onion + 2 garlic cloves and boil them with a cup of water  (tiny spray bottle size) till the onions become see-through and garlic turns white. Let water cool down a bit, take out the vegetables with your spoon (warmth is good) and pour into a spray bottle. Spray  it generously through your hair, letting it soak into scalp and hair. Put on a shower cap and leave it for 1 hour. Make sure you cover your shoulders with an old towel and clip it on tight to the neck as the onion water may drip down. The smell did not affect me, if any. Wash hair and condition as usual.

Benefits experienced:
- increased thickness
- reduced shedding
- shiny and stronger hair


2 Jan 2013

All about preservatives in your natural whips!

Read and be educated: http://allnaturalbeauty.us/allnaturali.htm

...There are ways to preserve a product without having to add synthetics.  There are essential oils, vitamin E, Honey, Lemon, Sugar and Salt to name a few...If you choose not to use any preservatives the products must be refrigerated immediately after opening...

And now I just learned that lavender oil is a strong antibacterial oil! So glad I put that in my shea butter mix. I love learning!

No braids for a while...

My edges on the right have been damaged. Set back. So for a while, no braids. However, gained general thickness.

This year's hair goal! HappyNewYear 2013 guys!

Hair goals for this year:

  • Thickness - I want to focus on the thickness/health of my hair. Prior to my journey, my hair was very thin from all the over-relaxing and improper use. I have noticed substantial thickness after starting this journey. After attaining the right thickness, I shall focus even more on length. When I put my hair down, going out, I always wrap a beautiful satin scarf around my shoulders. I never let it rub against my cotton clothes, especially in this cold season.
  • From shoulder to armpit length? Just before armpit length is my ultimate goal for this year. (check my progress) Hair is meant to grow six inches/15cms a year on average. Hopefully with the right steps, my hair can grow that long by December!
  • Grow out my edges/temple/nape
Note: I did about an inch of a trim in November.