12 Jul 2016

Finally joined the #bunlife club!

- T r a n s i t i o n e d: November, 2012
- S e c o n d C h o p: May, 2015 (stopped chopping somewhere in July/August)
- H a i r t y p e: 4C and Kinky
- H a i r c o l o r: 1b
- N a t i o n a l i t y: Dutch
- B a c k g r o u n d: Nigerian (Edo)

21 Jun 2016

Hello washday...

Quick length check after my coconut pre-poo, detangling, washing and now conditioning with some protein ps. back to the heatcap and its like a moisture booster.

I think I am around 11 months (since I stopped cutting my hair), but I havent been keeping track. It feels like I cut my hair only yesterday and look at where it is now. This baby just loves to be left alone. I wash my hair every 3/4 weeks and just keep it in a bun/puff and lightly spray with water and some oil every morning if it is not in a protective style. But I do this honestly because timeeee y'all, but... it seems to be paying off well. I can't wait for the coming year, as my hair is a lot thicker I've noticed. I definitely took on my mums fast hair growth genes, I just need her thickness too!

But yeah... Hi! I'm still on this amazing, wonderful journey of healthy hair growth. 
Health over length. Simplicity and Minimalism.

2 Apr 2016

Next day bantu knot out.

Unravelled the twists one by one and put them into a bantu knot. 20 mins. I remember how easy this style is and how I used to use it to get a stretched out look. Ready for the night out with the girls!

1 Apr 2016

Washday (evening) Donee :)

When you get told that your hair has gotten thicker! Its nice to get second looks at your hair photos as its easy not to notice the changes. I've definitely been focusing on HEALTH on this journey, now I can't keep up with the growth (LENGTH). I love my hair! I'll be recording a hair update video soon and will be sharing the key things in my regimen that have made my detangling alot easier compared to my previous journey - prepooing is one of them! Detangling is such an ease, yes, I can't believe I'm saying it. But when you combine Kinky Curly Knot Today (the best detangler for 4C hair/any hair) with coconut oil, you create superslip!

I love having my wash day on Friday night to allow my hair to dry overnight, for a stretched out look on a Saturday morning. I simply soaked my hair in coconut oil and applied my hot oil treatment and covered my hair for 30 mins. Then I detangled my hair. It was really soft, and the hot oil treatment will continue to work its way while I detangle my hair. Then SHAMPOO, Then CONDITION. I'm so glad my hair is long enough to do all of that in twists.

19 Mar 2016

After detangling...

Let me tell you - my hair was the most easiest to detangle ever experienced! I use my fingers only to detangle my hair now, and the picture at the top is what I was left with from the shed hair. Sticking to fingers only has taught me about my hair, and how to properly handle it, and remove knots and tangles. That pre-poo did the magic. Also, can you notice my hair has thickened up? I noticed I had a lot more sections to twist up. JBCO hot oil treatment is doing the work!

Once I twisted my hair up, I went on to shampoo and deep condition with my avocado treatment. Only one twist untwisted so it's fair to say my hair is at a good length. And it feels great to have the twisting done and ready for a stretched look tomorrow. I'll be doing kinky twists tomorrow as the two week break is complete. Protective style time!


Overnight pre-poo with coconut oil

Last night I soaked my hair in coconut oil and moisturised my scalp with my hot oil treatment (with JBCO) and I went to bed. Woke up this morning to supersoft hair. I don't even think I'll need a detangler, all that coconut oil goodness provides natural slip for detangling. I cant wait for a good avo conditioning treatment after shampooing my hair. Hopefully my hair is long enough to wash in twists without it all loosening and untwisted. UPDATE: yes it is ( see next post ) !

5 Mar 2016

Hair Update: New Growth!

Protective Style is Key

I recently uploaded a video on protective styles and in particular focus on my favourite option: kinky twists/mini twists. I had kinky twists in for four weeks and I took them down yesterday (07/feb-05/march). Let me just say... the new growth and thickness took me by surprise! My hair feels so much thicker, and LONGER. It's like it grew like weed in the last month. And, I gave it a trim before I twisted it.

Protective style is so key! Don't take the fact for granted. And I also believe that my regimen (hot oil treatment (JBCO + oils) and avocado deep conditioning) had a lot to do with the wonderful state of my hair. My hair feels amazing. I am still surprised by how much it grew! So this protective styling/avocado thing is a thing! This year will be all about that, more avocado and more protecting, less wash and go's.



Complete Winter Wash Day Routine ▸ Avocado Olive Deep Condition 

Hi guys! I have my wash day routine series on my channel, but I wanted to share my full winter routine (twa wash routine), from oil pre-poo, condition to shampoo! Enjoy x

4 Simple Winter Protective Styles For Natural Hair Growth 

Hey guys, in this video I share my best protective styles for optimum hair growth and thickness - especially during the winter season!

13 Feb 2016

Giovanni Direct Leave In Review

I have heard many great reviews about Giovanni Leave In conditioners, especially as a cheaper alternative to my current Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In. I can't wait to try it out (save me money) instead of buying a new KCKT which is nearly running out.

Update 7-032-06 Review:

So I took down my twists and used these products to deep condition and to finger detangle. Unfortunately the deep conditioner did not do much to my hair. My hair still felt kinda crisp, even though the liquid feels soft 'as silk'. However, it did not WOW me. I'll be giving it to my bf.

The leave-in conditioner was applied to a section of matted and tangled hair. I still had some difficulties detangling it despite having applied the product. Then I switched to my KKKC and it saved me! The slip was so goood. So let's just say I bought another bottle of KCKT Leave-in (£13 Amazon). It's just everything. I have to accept it - this product is a staple - in fact, it's a necessity. The slippery elm root in it (which you can DIY) is just golden for detangling kinky hair. The tangles just come out and smooth out so easily. So unfortunately, while I will keep the Giovanni Direct Leave-in as a leave-in conditoner, it won't work as a detangler for me because I heard reviews about it competing with KCKT.  Despite them both being 'natural', Giovanni products contain alcohol in them wheres KCKT is nearly 100% natural: ''Organic mango extract, organic slipper elm, organic marshmallow root, organic lemongrass, cetyl alcohol, *behentrimonium methosulfate, citric acid, phenoxyethanol and natural fragrance.''

I wanted to record a review video comparing Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In vs Giovanni Leave In conditioners, but given the result on my hair, this post will do. I'll stick with what has always worked KCKT, but definitely keep the Giovanni Direct as a Leave-in.

23 Jan 2016

My week of hair 18/1/16

  • I did an avocado treatment this week and my hair feels so soft and moisturised after it. It's definitely a go-to treatment especially during winter. My hair just feels luscious after it. Note, to do it before shampooing as the bits can get stuck in the tresses but they do come out easily. I have not felt the need to overly moisturise my hair since I did my treatment which is just great.
  • I just spent last night doing mini twists in my hair. I actually LOVE doing them. I start out of boredom and by the time you know it I've done my whole hair. Still short though, but my scalp feels tight for once as I have not done any form or twists/braids since I cut my hair.
  • I will be sharing a video soon where I show you how to steam-moisturise your hair in the shower!

12 Jan 2016


Back to one of my old favs on Youtube! Her instagram is hairlicious!

My New Minitwists Inspiration

My New Minitwists Inspiration

Like Nap85, Kinkystyles1980 has a set regimen whenever she does her mini twists/braids. But I have been binge watching on her videos again and I just love the results and the way her hair looks so visually healthy and thicker in each video so I wanted to learn her regimen. Here's Kinkystyles1980 minitwist tutorial. She takes her braids/twists down, oils her hair and roots to loosen up the bottom build-up, then she deep conditions with her avocado treatment. She then washes, and conditions as she detangles.

This will be my new minitwists regimen the moment I reach that length. I'll get onto my avocado treatments after keeping my twists in for 4-5 weeks to rejuvenate my hair! Avocado Oil is what I always use in my deep conditioners, but the actual fruit does more wonders to our tresses.


Jennell B Stewart (BlakIzBeautiful) has a great video on mini twists and how she does it aswell. Check it out!


As you know, I have been following natural hair journeys on Youtube for over 3 years now, and I have my favourites - the ones that I love have been on youtube for more than 5 years and continue to this day bring out a new video here and there. One thing I know for sure is that their regimen was on point, they had fun taking care of their hair, were/are very knowledgable about natural hair care and their own hair and have grown own their long hair beautifully.

I think I have shared a long list of my favourite Youtube naturalistas but I have those naturalistas who are just amazing. One of them has always been Naptural85. Watching her old videos again is like therapy, and noting that she has not changed her regimen all that much is inspiring. Another natural, who I actually forgot about but got randomly reminded of, is Kinkystyles1980. This go-happy, natural has the most beautiful, long, thick and lucious kinky 4c hair. It's truly inspiring, I'm not sure why I didn't include her in my 4C Hair Inspiration Video. They both have their videos from when they started out on a twa, its so inspiring to see!

Another strategy that these two beauties have in come is their choices of protective styles - apart from  being dedicated to natural hair products and treatments such as the very popular Avocado/mayo/egg/yoghurt treatment (which is in my staple and has been recommended to me by a friend) - they are serious about their protective styles. Guess which one... MINI TWISTS! I can testify for my self that in my previous journey, mini twists have just been amazing for me and I was initially inspired by Nap85. BlakIzBeautiful is also another long-term youtuber who can testify to the benefits of minitwists - timesaving in the long-term, flexible in style, super easy to do!  The growth and thickness that would be visible after my take downs were amazing when I'd keep them in for 4 weeks. I cannot wait for my hair to be at that length again so I can put my hair into those twists. Check out my Youtube videos for more!


9 Jan 2016

My go to style... The puff!

My hair is at that length where I can put it into a bun and it feels amazing. Such a easy, go-to style. My wash and go' puff is what I do daily before going to work. No gel, just water and oil/butter. It's even longer when I stretch it out with a twist-out.