19 Mar 2016

After detangling...

Let me tell you - my hair was the most easiest to detangle ever experienced! I use my fingers only to detangle my hair now, and the picture at the top is what I was left with from the shed hair. Sticking to fingers only has taught me about my hair, and how to properly handle it, and remove knots and tangles. That pre-poo did the magic. Also, can you notice my hair has thickened up? I noticed I had a lot more sections to twist up. JBCO hot oil treatment is doing the work!

Once I twisted my hair up, I went on to shampoo and deep condition with my avocado treatment. Only one twist untwisted so it's fair to say my hair is at a good length. And it feels great to have the twisting done and ready for a stretched look tomorrow. I'll be doing kinky twists tomorrow as the two week break is complete. Protective style time!


Overnight pre-poo with coconut oil

Last night I soaked my hair in coconut oil and moisturised my scalp with my hot oil treatment (with JBCO) and I went to bed. Woke up this morning to supersoft hair. I don't even think I'll need a detangler, all that coconut oil goodness provides natural slip for detangling. I cant wait for a good avo conditioning treatment after shampooing my hair. Hopefully my hair is long enough to wash in twists without it all loosening and untwisted. UPDATE: yes it is ( see next post ) !

5 Mar 2016

Hair Update: New Growth!

Protective Style is Key

I recently uploaded a video on protective styles and in particular focus on my favourite option: kinky twists/mini twists. I had kinky twists in for four weeks and I took them down yesterday (07/feb-05/march). Let me just say... the new growth and thickness took me by surprise! My hair feels so much thicker, and LONGER. It's like it grew like weed in the last month. And, I gave it a trim before I twisted it.

Protective style is so key! Don't take the fact for granted. And I also believe that my regimen (hot oil treatment (JBCO + oils) and avocado deep conditioning) had a lot to do with the wonderful state of my hair. My hair feels amazing. I am still surprised by how much it grew! So this protective styling/avocado thing is a thing! This year will be all about that, more avocado and more protecting, less wash and go's.



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