1 Apr 2016

Washday (evening) Donee :)

When you get told that your hair has gotten thicker! Its nice to get second looks at your hair photos as its easy not to notice the changes. I've definitely been focusing on HEALTH on this journey, now I can't keep up with the growth (LENGTH). I love my hair! I'll be recording a hair update video soon and will be sharing the key things in my regimen that have made my detangling alot easier compared to my previous journey - prepooing is one of them! Detangling is such an ease, yes, I can't believe I'm saying it. But when you combine Kinky Curly Knot Today (the best detangler for 4C hair/any hair) with coconut oil, you create superslip!

I love having my wash day on Friday night to allow my hair to dry overnight, for a stretched out look on a Saturday morning. I simply soaked my hair in coconut oil and applied my hot oil treatment and covered my hair for 30 mins. Then I detangled my hair. It was really soft, and the hot oil treatment will continue to work its way while I detangle my hair. Then SHAMPOO, Then CONDITION. I'm so glad my hair is long enough to do all of that in twists.

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