21 Jun 2016

Hello washday...

Quick length check after my coconut pre-poo, detangling, washing and now conditioning with some protein ps. back to the heatcap and its like a moisture booster.

I think I am around 11 months (since I stopped cutting my hair), but I havent been keeping track. It feels like I cut my hair only yesterday and look at where it is now. This baby just loves to be left alone. I wash my hair every 3/4 weeks and just keep it in a bun/puff and lightly spray with water and some oil every morning if it is not in a protective style. But I do this honestly because timeeee y'all, but... it seems to be paying off well. I can't wait for the coming year, as my hair is a lot thicker I've noticed. I definitely took on my mums fast hair growth genes, I just need her thickness too!

But yeah... Hi! I'm still on this amazing, wonderful journey of healthy hair growth. 
Health over length. Simplicity and Minimalism.

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